The purpose of hiring a professional commercial photographer is to make you money.  Experience and talent is what separates the really good photographers from the advanced amateurs and the weekend warriors.  Owning a digital camera dosen't make someone a photographer any more than owning a reciprocating saw makes them a contractor.  Whether it's photographing food for a restaurant, fine art for a museum catalogue, a building for an architect or auto parts for a parts distributer, it's all about making the product look beautiful, in focus and color correct. Professional photography will make you more money.  It is a valuable investment in your business.  Good photography will make your marketing efforts and sales goals much more achievable.  Mediocre photography will detract from from the quality of your product.  We at McAfee Photography have the right equipment, knowledge of lighting, post-production and retouching skills and techniques to help take your business to the next level. Please look at the various galleries to see samples of the work. Call for a Free consultation and as always, our work is 100% guaranteed.  Insured. More work can also be seen at and

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