About Timothy McAfee

Tim McAfee has been a commercial photographer living and working in South Florida for over 25 years.
Originally from Port Huron, Michigan, just north of Detroit, Tim moved to Florida with his family in 1974.  While attending the University of Miami he earned a double major in both photography and graphic design. Hired at Willard Associates in 1976 as First Assistant he rose to become Studio Manager in 1981.  He then spent the next 10 years learning how to promote and visually market businesses.  It was at Willard that he learned the intricacies of photographing artwork for reproduction, fashion, food, architecture, product and catalog photography.

Tim opens City Light Studio in 1991.
This 3000 sq. ft. studio had a 50 ft. wrap around cyclorama, a large dressing area and a full darkroom.  Continuing to promote businesses with many different styles of photography he acquired  a reputation as a photographer of fine art.  The museums on his client list include the Guggenheim, the Met, the Whitney, and the National. Locally are the Lowe, MAM, and MOCA, as well as a host of artists and galleries.

Tim McAfee Photography begins in 1998.
The advent of digital photography was about to change the face of commercial photography forever.  A scaled down version of City Light Studio was in order.  Tim now works out of his home in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  He is still shooting both studio and location work. He has a proven ability to decrease customer costs by providing color correct files, and is known for helping customers distance themselves from the competition.  He is also referred by http://www.thumbtack.com/fl/hollywood/architectural-photography/commercial-photographer